Southgate reveals why Rashford backed up.

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England manager Gareth Southgate Revealed the attacking selection dilemma. That caused Marcus Rashford to drop out of the starting XI in Senegal’s thrashing of Senegal saying both Bukayo Saka and Phil Foden deserved a chance. The Manchester United striker started the game on the bench. Before playing in the second half England won 3-0 and advanced to the quarter-finals against France.

Many had originally expected the 25-year-old to start after his brilliant form against Wales. But Southgate explained his decision to leave Rashford as a substitute.

“He (Bukayo Saka) played brilliantly in our first two games. UFABET We think Marcus was very good as well. And it’s good to have him in the game as the game opens up.

“Of course we were embarrassed by the wealth of that position. But we like how Bukayo plays and we think Phil [Foden] deserves a chance.

Of course, there was no one to blame for Southgate’s decision as Saka netted the third goal of the match and Foden provided two assists.

Rashford was brought on in the 65th minute but with the so-called game over. There was almost nothing for him to do.

“Rashford did well against Wales, but he should have scored a hat-trick but Saka should have played against Senegal.

“Gareth Southgate is very loyal to his players and Saka is on his first list. So he should continue with Saka.”