Lack of vitamin C, what to do?

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The symptoms of vitamin C deficiency will gradually improve and disappear within a few weeks after the body has received enough vitamin C. But people who think they may be deficient should see their doctor to determine the exact cause. Before eating Complementary products various on their own 

Because the symptoms that indicate vitamin C deficiency can be found in many diseases. Or it may be caused by other reasons. In addition, the treatment deficiency. The doctor must determine the appropriate amount and duration intake on a case-by-case basis.

Although vitamin C deficiency may not seem serious. UFABET But protecting yourself from this condition may be a better option. By eating foods or vegetables and fruits that contain on a regular basis. Such as red bell peppers, kale, broccoli, rambutans and strawberries , etc.

The recommended daily amount for adults is around 80–100 mg for men and 70–85 mg for women. Infants and children may eat the following amounts.

  • 40–50 mg for infants 0–11 months
  • 20–40 mg for children 1–8 years old
  • 50–100 mg for boys 9–18 years old
  • 50–80 mg for girls 9–18 years old

If a woman is pregnant and breastfeeding. Let’s increase the amount a little more. by women during pregnancy. Eat in the age range above and add 10 milligrams for women who are breastfeeding. Give about 60 milligrams more.