Croatia advances to World Cup quarter-finals.

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Croatia advances to football World Cup quarter-finals. When the penalty shoot-out defeated Japan with a score of 3-1 after a draw at 90 and 120 minutes 1-1

World Cup 2022 round of 16 teams

Japan 1 – Croatia 1

The game started in just 2 minutes.

Japan was almost happy from the rhythm of the cross that Wataru Endo opened from the right to the far post for Shogo Taniguchi to take a header out of the frame a bit.

The 8th minute was a golden opportunity for Croatia when Takehiro Tomiyasu missed, allowing Ivan Perisic to snatch the ball into the penalty area on the left and then hit it with a tight right corner, but Chuichi Gonda still had the ball. A skirmish in front of the goal as Andrey Kramaric tries to re-enter. But in the end, the Japanese defensive line was blocked until Gonda came to grab the ball UFABET

Croatia have another chance when Borna Barisic opens from the left for Perisic to head in the first post, Kramaric rushes to charge at the far post, but does not reach the ball.

Japan also had a chance, Junya Ito dragged it to the starboard side before opening the skid to win the door, but Daisen Maeda charged into the ball, unable to reach the ball.

Japan was so hilarious in the 41st minute, from a beautiful ball connection on the left side, Maeda pushed Modric down before flowing back in front of the penalty area for Wataru Endo to have no square shot, so it flowed into the penalty area on the left. Let Daiji Kamada slip into the left foot to lock the Croatian defensive line and shoot with the right over the crossbar disappointingly.

But in the end, Japan took a 1-0 lead in the 43rd minute from a short right corner kick before Ritsu Doan curled a left-footed cross into the far post for Maya Yoshida to poke his foot. The ball came into Maeda’s way and smashed the goal straight into the net.

The second half.

Japan opened the attack immediately. In the 46th minute, Daiji Kamada collected the ball in front of the penalty area and shot with the right. But the ball went over the crossbar.

But Croatia leveled in the 55th minute when Dejan Lovren’s Early Cross from the right went into the penalty area, and Ivan Perisic headed in just over the penalty spot, but all the way. And the weight is good, so he reversed the way through the hand. Gonda inserted the base of the pole.

Two minutes later, Japan almost took the lead when Wataru Endo spun right from the front of the penalty area. The ball will be inserted under the crossbar, but Dominic Liwakovic can fly off the back.

In the 63rd minute, Croatia was most likely to overtake from the ball Modric volleyed with his right foot. The ball flashed under the crossbar like a fallen leaf, but Gonda still managed to fly off the crossbar.

Three minutes later, Croatia had another golden chance. The ball ricochets into the head of Ante Budimir, who stands and tackles. One drop of frame

In the 77th minute, Japan missed the ball, losing the ball in the middle of the field, Ivan Perisic pulled before hitting 25 yards, the ball deflected the toe, Tomiyasu slid off the goal frame a bit.

rest period Both teams could not do anything more, the game ended with a 1-1 draw, requiring extra time.

In the 101st minute, Croatia had a chance to win from a ball thrown from the right into the penalty area. Finally, the ball reached Ivan Perisic at the far post, volleyed with the right to block it, the ball bounced out, Barisic shot again in front of the penalty area, blocked as usual

Japan had a very good chance from a counterattack in the 105th minute, when Kaoru Mitoma soloed from his own space using speed before the dribble cut to the right in front of the penalty area, the ball went straight to Livakovic. can

In the 120th minute.

Croatia nearly released a knockout punch when Lovro Mayer fired from the right side of the penalty area. But the ball is out of frame. At the end of extra time, it was still 1-1 and had to go to the penalty spot to decide.

Japan’s first man, Takumi Minamino, shoots and hits Liwakovic, falling to the ground and being saved.

The first part of Croatia, Nikola Vlasic, didn’t miss a shot and took the lead 1-0.

Later, Japan’s second person, Kaoru Mitoma, missed a shot and was saved by Livakovic on his right hand again, making the situation difficult.

The second Croatian was Marcelo Brozovic who missed a shot to make it 2-0.

Japan The third was Takumi Asano who shot into the net. Japan chased 1-2.

Japan’s hopes grew further as Croatia’s third Marco Livaja hit the post.

But Japan’s fourth man, Maya Yoshida, fired from the same corner as Mitoma and saved Livakovic again.

This time, if Croatia shoots in, they will win immediately and it’s Mario Pasalic who doesn’t miss the shot.

At the end of the penalty shoot-out, Croatia beat Japan 3-1 to advance to the quarterfinals and face the winner of the match between Brazil and South Korea.